All wearables are returnable within 30days from invoice date.

Depending on your return case we will refund you the money or send you an exchange item. Please send goods back and we will get in touch with you.

Returned items must be sent back clean, unworn (except from trying on of course), free of all kinds of fluids and in original packaging. In any case, we need to be able to resell your item. 

If the items don’t return as described above, we will send them out again and it’s your problem, sorry.

Freight charges and vat incurred due to returned merchandise are the responsibility of the customer. We cannot be responsible for lost or damaged packages.

Everything Else

All other items such as drums, stickers and other different products are NOT RETURNABLE. In case of unhappyness due to fabrication defects by our production (which is most unlikely) please get in touch with us right away.